DPRS are available to assist individuals on test days or race days, from drivers with no experience through to seasoned race drivers of any age.

Karting Arrive and Drive

Arrive and Drive is exactly as the title suggests. You arrive, you drive our karts and we do all the rest! Arrive and Drive can take place on mid-week test days or race weekends subject to track space availability.

All Arrive and Drive prices include part worn tyres, fuel and sundries. Accident damage will be charged extra*. If new tyres are requested these will be charged extra and can be marked and retained for your next drives. Engine blow ups are not charged on TKM karts.

Cadet £175 per day £300 for weekend
Junior TKM £175 per day £300 for weekend
Senior TKM £175 per day £325 for weekend
Senior Rotax £250 per day £475 for weekend
Senior Gearbox £350 per day £600 for weekend

Assistance and Awning Owners' Karts

All our customers have access to power, tools, air lines, specialist tools, seating area, tea, coffee and cold drinks.

Dedicated area within the awning with table for own tools and equipment.

  • Cadet £50 per day
  • Junior £75 per day
  • Senior £80 per day

As above, plus driver track walk, set up advice and mechanical guidance.

  • Cadet and Junior £100 per day
  • Senior £125* per day

All mechanical work, start and finish procedures, set up, track walk, tuition and all questions answered.

  • Junior and Cadet £175 per day
  • Senior £190* per day

TKM £50 per day, Senior TKM £75 per day.
* senior cost excludes Gearbox, and Rotax which is cost on application.

Karts Available

1 x Cadet
1 x Junior TKM
1 x Senior TKM
1 x Senior Rotax
1 x 125 Gearbox

125 Gearbox is subject to suitable TKM and Rotax experience first.

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